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Here are the treatments for couples stuck during sex

Lovers who are stuck during sex have the luxury of modern science at their beck and call once they get medical attention. 

With penis captivus resulting from vaginismus, the partners can count on experienced medical personnel to help them in no time.    

Here are 5 treatments generally used in getting copulating partners unstuck:    

1. The first step is to reassure them that their case is not so complex. They are encouraged to relax and take their minds off sex or erotica.  Once the vaginal muscles relax and the penis loses erection, separation is easier.    

2. They may be administered relaxants, drugs that relaxes the muscles. 

3. Anaesthesia may be used to ease pain and relax the couple.   

4. Dilation drugs used for pregnant women in labour to widen the uterus can be used on the woman.    Epidural injections which wipe pain away can also be introduced.

5. Epidural drugs are used during childbirth.

The woman is thereafter treated to psychotherapy sessions to find out the cause of her vaginismus.  She’s encouraged to do kegel exercises and reassured about sex.

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