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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha delayed indefinitely

Back in September Xiaomi made headlines with the announcement of its Mi Mix Alpha, the first phone to feature a wrap-around display.

The futuristic concept device was expected to arrive in December in limited quantities and a whopping $2,800/€2,500 asking price but that didn’t pan out.

In a new development Xiaomi confirmed the Mix Alpha will be delayed and there’s no set launch date yet.

Last month, the phone made a brief appearance on Xiaomi’s online store and Tmall as a place holder without any pre-order or purchase options.

During the launch event for the Mix Alpha, Xiaomi’s CEO mentioned the phone will only be manufactured in limited quantities given the technical difficulties with producing a warp around display, but it appears the company may have underestimated the task. 

As usual, we'll be on the lookout for more info on the Mi Mix Alpha and its expected launch and keep you updated.

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