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Self-care tricks that even lazy girls will love

Looking good is an expensive venture with the high-priced beauty and makeup products out there on the market.

While females would go lengths just to purchase these cosmetics in order to keep up their beauty regime and all, truth remains that sometimes you don’t need millions to look good when there are effective self-care tricks and remedies that would make looking good more affordable.

And everyone goes home happy! 

    Homemade wax 

You can make your own waxing paste with just three ingredients, lemon juice, water, and sugar.

Mix the ingredients and heat on the stove for five minutes, when the texture turns into a shade of caramelized sugar, it’s ready for use. 

   Wavy hair hack

To achieve actual curls in your hair without visiting the salon, what you need is a flat iron and some tin foil.

Curl sections of your hair using your fingers and wrap the curled sections with tin foil, when you’re done with all the sections, simply apply heat to them for few seconds with the hot iron. Chill for a while till the tin foil cools down then remove.

Apply your favorite hairspray and you’re good to go.

  Eye makeup  

Eyelid makeup can take the bulk of your time while making up your face, and on a bad day you end up overdoing it.

But not anymore, use the eye brush easily by using a spoon. This will help you draw the lines perfectly and cover the right places.

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