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Check Out 5 Animals That Die During And After Making Love

The lifecycle of Animals can be quite funny at times, and just too weird to fully understand. Alot of strange things happen in the Animal world, thanks to researchers that has helped to enlighten us about how Animals live.


Imagine living your life only to end up being killed by love, to end up dead during love making or after love making. It if was in the human world, people would say it’s charm, but In the animal world, it is normal.


There are a few animals that die after mating with their partners, some use their whole strength until their immune system just crashed and they die. Let’s take a look a 5 Animals that die while Mating;


1. The Male Antechinus


This animal looks like a rat, this animal only gets to mate just once in it’s lifetime, after that it dies. The funny thing about this animal is that, it doesn’t actually mate with only one woman, it will keep jumping from one Woman to anther until it finally dies.


This animal doesn’t care to relax, it keeps on going from one to the other until it develops internal bleeding, it’s hair will fall off and then it would have an infection and die.


That is how all the mature male would do until they all die, then the women will give birth to more babies that would still die like their fathers.


2. Praying Mantis


This insect also dies after Mating, the best way for it to avoid death is to run away from the female praying Mantis.


This is because, while Mating, the female Praying Mantis would cut and eat the head of the male praying Mantis.


3. Labord’s Chameleon


These Chameleon also die by love, the male were born to just impregnate the Women, and then just die. The Chameleon has a very short life, they fight with other male to mate with the female, at the end, they would die by hormonal overdose. The female aren’t safe either, once they give birth to their babies, they also die.


4. Australian Redback Spiders


These spiders do not actually die during mating, their case is special, because they sacrifice themselves to the female spiders to eat them after mating.


They do this so they can produce for babies, that’s what theories say, they die for their babies.


5. Dark Fishing Spider


This Spider lives just to mate and then die, after Mating they would just lie down on a place and just die off and the partner would eat him.

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