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Pastor spreading false information on COVID-19 vaccines faces charges

A pastor from a church in Daejeon produced flyers containing false information about COVID-19 vaccines, which were posted by a member of his church at bus stops and utility poles around Incheon, according to police, Wednesday.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police charged the 66-year-old pastor for violating the law on outdoor advertisements.

He is accused of aiding and abetting the church member, a 68-year old woman, to post the flyers. The woman also faces the same charge.

The pastor allegedly produced 10,000 copies of the flyers last November which carried the false information stating: "The chip in the COVID-19 vaccine lose your life." [sic]

The leaflets also read: "It will connect to your brain and control your thoughts by a computer. You will lose your free will. A growing number of people are suffering from pain after getting the vaccine containing the chip."

The pastor allegedly stored the flyers at the church so members could take them, and the woman allegedly posted 33 copies of the flyers in Incheon, Feb. 8. She was detained by police Feb. 25.

The pastor told the police that he made the flyers because of claims spreading on the internet and social media such as YouTube.

The woman claimed she doesn't know Korean well so she thought they were church leaflets containing doctrine.

The police referred the case to the Daejeon Prosecutors' Office. They said they haven't confirmed whether the flyers were found in other regions besides Incheon.



Source: http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=306429

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