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Disney movies are going to be unstoppable in 2019

Disney dominated the box office in 2018 even before its big holiday blockbuster, Mary Poppins Returns, hit US theaters on Wednesday (Dec. 19). The mammoth movie studio said on Dec. 9 that its movies had grossed more than $7 billion worldwide year-to-date, or roughly 19% of the global box office at that time, based on ComScore estimates.  Next year could be even bigger.

Disney has a US release slate for 2019 that would, for any other company, be about three years of worth of tentpole movies—films with little risk that are designed to prop up a studio’s financial performance.

They include new titles like Captain Marvel; sequels to thriving Disney franchises like Avengers, Toy Story, Frozen, and Star Wars; and live-action remakes of classic Disney fare including Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Here’s the current release schedule, per ComScore:      Captain Marvel – March 8    

Dumbo – March 29    

Penguins (Disneynature) – April 17    

Avengers: Endgame – April 26    

Aladdin – May 24    

Toy Story 4 – June 21    

The Lion King – July 19    

Artemis Fowl – August 9    

Frozen 2 – November 22    

Star Wars: Episode IX – December 20 

That doesn’t include Fox films slated for 2019, like Dark Phoenix and New Mutants, which will move under the Disney umbrella when the media conglomerate completes its acquisition of many of Fox’s assets next year.

“Disney is the one studio that can still miss and be okay,” Jeff Bock, senior analyst at entertainment research firm Exhibitor Relations, told Quartz.  

In North America, the world’s largest movie market, Disney captured 27% of the box office this year, as of Dec. 16, up from 20% during the same period last year, ComScore data shows.

The next largest studio, Universal, captured 17% during the same period of 2018.


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