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the right path the right choice

So a man went hunting and after many hours of hunting he found nothing, so he decided to return back home but he became lost after hours of searching he came towards three path with a sign 

1st sign says take this path it leads to nothing good 

2nd sign says take this path it leads to something bad 

3rd sign says take this path it lead to none of the above 

The hunter stood there for minutes wondering which to take and finally he took the first one.  

Why did he do that you may ask? simple...  the fear of the unknown. 

There's a foolish saying  The Devil You Know Is Better Than The Angel You Don't Know.. how is that a good advice, its the devil its gonna fuck u up but the angel u dont know theres a 50 50 chance its an actual angel why not go with that. 

What am i saying here? Nigerians yes we have gone from the powerful and giant of africa to weak 5k naira kiss my boot that we have now, a country of youth who knows the presence govt(has nothing good to offer) still we go around shouting sai baba and if they not doing that they are busying shouting atikulate knowing fully well bad things await them. 

Is  it so much of a task for one to simply try the unknown give it a chance knowing fully well option C is different. 

Theres a simple usb law if it doesn't fit, try d other side.

Lets, for the love of God give a new path a try out coming February 2019  collect their bribe if u want but vote wisely. 

List all d promise u been given and ask ur self which of them was fulfilled. 

GOD bless NIGERIA GOD bless you.

bossman dave

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