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Dear upcoming artists

Usb simple rule if 1 side doesn't fit try d other side
you been trying to get ur music out there but u only gotting to group of people, fan base still low buying social page isnt d right till to do, u dont wanna have 1k view with 2 comment right? so lets jump right @ it
try several studio
some studio just dont sit back n let u record studio like
house 10 studio
they listen to ur lyrics n d rhymes and beat, this way u start getting a good feel about d completion of d song
write good lyrics
dont be lazy, just dont write words to fill up a sentence, artist do this a lot, if u dont have something to say, it likes an exam jump that, move on, come back later to add words that make sense.
ever wonder why u keep listening to some songs more than once? well it simple it has a good story, the brain is like a net, only hold something it relate to or remember.
first u hear d song d beat u like wow, well keep listening to it n u start hearing words lyrics lines that makes no sense u even turn to a critic @ that moment u start hating that song u once loved simply cause u decided to ignore d beat n listen to d words.
mixing n mastering
yes like it or not, this is very important, i have listened to songs been sent to me from other places to score while d artist curse d hell of d producer frankly speaking this part isnt the easiest of production u cant get d perfect mix but u can get d perfect feel.
Note: avoid too much auto tune, use a little, lay it under to blend with d voice we are africans we mostly possess bassy voice, too much of it n u will get an artist who say to u its cool i like it, but wont return to work with u. this brings us to d next 1
try talking just dont nod ur head saying okay to every thing u been told to do, u dont like something say it, if u do say it, this will open a door to understanding, so u n d producer can connect, being afraid to say ur mind or tell d producer how u want d beat or song or mixing to sound like is all bout u killing ur career so man or woman up and yan wella.
some producers feel too big of them selves, cut down to size.
i keep saying this over n over its like artist don't listen.  
ur song shouldn't only b online, yes there are other platform.  
online promotion  
is now becoming something else
a blogger who sat down downloaded wordpress uploaded n choose a crappy site name will start telling u they can get ur songs to reach thousand of people pay 5k 10k good luck with that
there are free once like  
if u dont have money use dem n share if u do
calculate how much u can spare to get d best result and also upload on site that shows u views download n clicks result not just a download link.  
radio promotion  
doesnt really matter which state u are d idea is to reach people but if u want to start within ur state good, u can also do that n add some state u want also.  
simply do this contact radio stations and ask about there airing fee, but start first by asking if airing is free if they say no ask price, negotiation is ok and write down wat u been told to compare with others.  
video promotion  
as an upcoming artist u have to spend on budget u can make use of a good cell phone look for someone with camera n directly skills among ur friends or extended, experience with adobe and shoot a B roll video, be productive.


once done color grade to look bit professional remember u a an upcoming so dont complain much u just need to get ur face n song out there also okay.
upload on youtube share amongs friends fans and all
remember wen u have money theirs alot do, make plans.
start dividing,
this amount for tf
this amount for food
no amount for babe
this amount for oshi
dis for lecturer n books
n so on thats how u gonna have to divide ur spending money for online n offline. if u have alot of money to spare buy an online ad space, if u have money.

remember u not always alone ask for support from ur family and friends play them ur demo not just ask for money without showing what u want to use it for.

yes u got to also work to push ur self assist ur self also, dont b lazy do somethings dat will bring in income, it should b a contract or part-time work so u have time to go back to music wen u free.

go around clubs talk to who ever is in charge play them ur mix, tell them u want to come perform at d clubs or venue remember u starting out u need to know how dey connect with ur songs.

"but dont b in a hurry do this first"

1 visit to see how things play out at d venue, some arenas have speakers that can kill ur career, dos 1 no ready, but hey u testing d water shey? up to u.

2 don't pay to perform u will not get anything in return from this u will b burning money on a daily bases at one spot n filling up d pocket of someone who just want to sweet talk u like a 1months old online blogger

3 be polite stop raising ur arms n feeling big, greet, greet d manager shake hands bow, greet d cleaner greet d security greet d security dog, omo respect dem, be nice dont b over confidence let dem feel dey got u, let dem feel dey can call u anytime to fill a time slot use Mr Mrs Bros believe people are humans.

4 dont use african time, u dont know what dis means den pele.

if u have more questions

u wanna record a dope song spend 24hrs in d studio doing what u do best and u in lagos? dope
want to shoot a small music video? dope
want to promote i can make enquiry for u also

what app me 09075252828

TRY be a new you.

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