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Reasons nice guys are the worst (dear ladies u are confuse)

We ladies have always equated nice guys in our specification while searching for Mr. Right but the real deal is that hooking up with a nice guy might not be so nice after all.

Their feeling of entitlement
We get it already, you’re the perfect gentleman but can you please stop acting like ladies all over owe you something in return for your niceness! This is what you get when Mr. Nice Guy goes on and on about his sterling qualities and how he deserves to be appreciated by the entire female race.

They can be emotionally manipulative
Nice guys have this way of making you want to go out of your way to please or spill things you wouldn’t reveal on a normal day with their self-righteous lines and impeccable manners.

Nice guys have a way of getting your sympathy
Because they are so sweet and noble like all the time, your heart naturally goes out to them whenever they’re passing through a phase and they just won’t stop going on and on about it.

They miss out on so many things
Before wishing that perfect gentleman on your street would just do so much as ask you out, hold up a sec and think of all you’ll be missing out on cause Mr. Nice Guy just wouldn’t break some rules, do crazy but fun things but would be unapologetically wild. Why? Because he’s busy trying to keep up with his nice reputation.

Since life is too short doing boring things all the time, it might not be a bad idea to go out with whoever makes your heart flip rather than pining over nice guys.



Dear ladies you are so confuse u really dont know what u want haba

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