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hausa man says hausa women are terrible in bed. twitter react

A man from Northern Nigeria has taken to Twitter to degrade Hausa women.
The man, who claims to be Hausa, and writes it fluently, said all Arewa women have to offer is their pretty face. He claims they lack communication skills and are terrible in bed.

He tweeted:
Take away their pretty face, most Hausa women have nothing to offer in relationships, their love and communication skills is very poor, not to talk of how terrible they're in bed. Give a Hausa man a taste of Yoruba or Nupe sex game and he'd never go back to Hausa women.

In a separate tweet, he accused Arewa women of having superiority complex.

Fellow Hausa men supported his tweet. Muhammad Lawal replied to the tweets saying:


Buhari el-Kaka wrote:

someone ask why they marry many women n she got the below reply.

i guess no option means they are trying which one make sense pass

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