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Dirtiest items we touch every day

You might not realize how many germs you are coming in contact with but this article will help in putting it in perspective for you.

1. Door knobs/handles
I bet we all lose count on the number of doors we touch daily but then you are just picking up loads and loads of germs.

2. Remote controls
Different hands interact with this household item, from those who sneezed into their hands to those who went to the toilet and didn’t wash their hands, etc.

3. Faucets
You use the toilet, turn on the faucet to wash your hands and then use your clean hands to turn the faucet back off…hmmm. Not so smart, is it? Well, that is just one scenario of how dirty faucets can be.

4. Dish towels
Kept in the kitchen and usually damp, you use them to clean your hands, dishes and probably even surfaces. This makes it ideal for disease-causing bacteria.

5. Toothbrushes
Your mouth is a very dirty place and running your toothbrush under the sink when you are done is barely enough. Also, when you flush your toilet, particles and germs get splashed into the air and may settle on different surfaces, including your toothbrush case or holder. That is just nasty.

6. Your bedsheet
How often do you wash your bedsheet? Do you realise that your sweat and body warmth makes your bed really comfy for germs?

These are few of the many surfaces and items that can cause lots of diseases. You can’t really protect yourself against them but at least, you can start by washing your hands more frequently and changing some of these items more often.

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