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Why I can’t marry two wives, Tony Tetuila reveals

  • Nigerian singer, Tony Tetuila, who once rocked the airwave with a song in which he sang saying; “I’m in love with two women, I don’t know which one to choose,” has now stated that he can’t marry two wives. According to him,
    “Due to my experience while growing up as a child, I can’t bring myself to marry two wives or have a baby mama.

    If one is not careful with women, one will run into trouble. Marrying two wives means trouble. Although men cannot do without them, women are hard to manage.

    The moment you sleep with a woman; you’ve lost your respect too.” Stressing on why he so much dreads polygamy, he said:

    “I grew up in a polygamous home and the fact that I am alive today is by the grace of God. I was poisoned while I was little and I developed complications in my legs afterward.”
    Tetuila’s 16-year-marriage is blessed with 3 kids – 2 boys and 1 girl.

    The singer is positive that all his children will venture in entertainment like himself and make it big. He says he’s seen the signs already. “I see all my children venturing into entertainment because there are strong signs already.

    I have a good dancer in my house and a lovely vocalist,” he said.