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vagina steaming right for you?

It simply refers to the health treatment where a woman squats over steaming water containing herbs like rosemary, basil, mugwort, wormwood, etc.

The essence of the heat is that it is supposed to soften and open up the skin pores of the vagina in order to enable full penetration and administration of the herbs into the uterus.

Vaginal steaming has been the rave for many years now even with popular celebrities observing the practice too.

It has been used for many purposes linked to heavy menstrual flow, irregular periods, fertility issues, menopause, healing after childbirth, etc. However, there are cons attached to vagina steaming, just so you know what you are getting into.

Bacterial growth Exposing your vagina to direct steam or heat creates a perfect grooming ground for bacteria; this is bad news for your Vijay-jay city because you could end up with a yeast infection and other unpleasant vagina infections.

Scalding Your skin down there is not as tough as the tough flesh on your butt or shoulders! Vagina skin is delicate like petals so if not for any other reason, just imagine applying direct heat to it; you toy with the chances of sustaining burns or scalds and also upsetting the sensitive balance of your privates.

Its effects go deep While some persons swear by vagina steaming as being effective in alleviating menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids, irregular periods, etc., physicians still caution the practice of vagina steaming especially for pregnant women.

Some herbs used in the steam treatment are capable of inducing miscarriage or possibly affect the growth of a developing fetus in the womb.

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