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Questions every virgin bride has on her wedding night

Right from a gangly teenager to a full-blown woman, every woman envisions how her wedding night would be.

There is the desire for a memorable wedding night, one that would be etched onto one’s memory and fulfill dreams of sexual fulfillment. However, for new brides—especially virgins—they might develop jittery nerves due to hundreds of questions milling for attention in their mind.

Check out these common questions every virgin bride has on her wedding night.
Is it necessary I get new lingerie for my wedding night?

It depends on your choice in what you’re comfortable with. However, to spice up your first night with your spouse you might want to go underwear shopping to keep things steamy.

How do I cope with letting a man see my body?
You might experience some level of awkwardness initially but with your man’s face glowing with love for you and a patient smile on his face, you’ll be able to get over your jittery nerves and catch on quickly.

Who makes the first move?
There’s no rule stating that your man should be the first to initiate lovemaking if you feel he’s taking too long to set things in motion then make a move on him! Don’t let a little dilly-dallying on his part give you spoilers on your big night!

What if I don’t bleed?
We live in the 21st century where people understand by now that there are several factors that could break a woman’s maidenhead asides from sex. As long as your husband trusts your chastity he should not fuss over you bleeding or not.