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My nokia 6.1 2018 personal review

  • So growing up i fell in love with, used other phones like samsung, samsung flip, motorola razor, siemens whose name keeps making me laugh cause it sounds like (u know what) let not forget sonyericsson, erricsson, let just says i have gone thru alot of phones cause i was a phone freak. Then finally i tried nokia 6610 it was amazing at that time though, then there was the 6230, the e62, the 5300, finally the beloved n97mini, the E7 was suppose to be my next phone but nokia announced they were quitting the marriage btw it beloved symbian and engaging windows i knew it was a bad idea cause have tried windows an we didn't agree 1 bit.

    Fast forward to 2018 i decided to try a nokia phone after waiting for something i might like since nokia has finally divorced windows, maybe tried to get back to symbian but she was like i don't trust phone company anymore and wanna be single, and the company went with Android yes Android, never saw that coming but it did.

    So i bought my first nokia android phone and like a new play thing my hands were sweating with joy (kind of happiness not the a girl called joy).
    After opening it reading the manual just incase i needed one, updating it and glancing through it simply felt like a second grade phone company, before then i was using the honor 5c which is a great phone by the way but older it seem to perform better than the nokia 6.1 phone for real.

    So lets dive in the cons n pro of this phone

    Pros its nokia yes a good company name is a plus, even if apple makes a phone with no speaker and sell the speaker separately people will still buy.
    the camera on the nokia phone is amazing
    battery is amazing browsing calling hotspot useage is great with the phone
    1 hour of charge get u 60 to 70 % battery life
    Its simply a phone

    i swear it got too a point i threw the phone on the floor from my bed cause it felt like nokia didn't really put effort in chking for bugs before releasing these phone.

    split screen, the feature is a joke on the phone when u split an try to opt out it becomes a nite mare u have no idea what u doing anymore even after multiple splitting watching you tube an trying to chat it was rubbish one apps end up over shadowing the other one u start manually adjusting over an over again until u quit using it

    notification i have checked online and it seem nokia are not ready to solve this issue sometimes it goes silent increasing the volume will do nothing most of the times it affect my chat app i will have to restart d pone b4 it comes back to it senses.

    finger print scanner is a joke forget the fact u keep touching the camera part but wen u hit the scanner it feels u aren't doing any anything an u just have to ignore that feature an use code to unlock

    When the phone is locked anyone can simple stroll down the menu bar n do what ever is available there

    on the honor 5c i can simply share d amount of data i want to share during hotspot , but not with this phone nopeeeee

    App freezes from what app to opera

    sometimes when phone is lying down u cannot drag the app drawer down sometimes it works

    the earplugs are not the best in anyway u just have to manage it

    the radio sometimes wont come on i need to exist and return again to turn it on

    anyway i will b managing this till next yr sell it and buy something else.

    nokia or hmd aren't the nokia we use to know the people in there are now indomie generation probably writing codes and play war craft at the same time.

    my 2 cent using these phone not proud of nokia anymore not proud