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Flash season 5 suffers WORST ratings despite Cicada threat

  • The Flash season five has been full of DC Comics-related drama, yet the show’s ratings have been suffering slightly.

    The latest episode, called Time Bomb, turned out to be season five’s lowest-rated episode to date.

    The Flash has been consistently the highest performing of the DC Comics-related shows at The CW. 

    It quickly surpassed Arrow which was the first of these CW DC Comics TV shows, and despite being a spinoff of sorts, it was quickly considered to be the superior show.

    This was backed up by the show’s ratings, which have been higher than that of Arrow’s.

    However, the latest episode saw the show experience a bit of a ratings slump.

    The Flash received a 0.5 rating in the demographic of viewers between the ages of 18-49.

    The CW superhero show pulled in 1.6 million viewers which is only slightly more than Arrow, which landed a million viewers.

    Fellow superhero CW series Black Lightning managed to bring in 750,000 viewers.

    That said, fans shouldn’t be worried about these slightly lower ratings since the show has already been renewed for its sixth season.

    It was recently announced that Arrow would be ending after season eight.

    Its star, Stephen Amell, informed his fans via a Facebook Live that the show would be coming to an end in season eight, which will be a shorter run of just ten episodes.

    It also seems as though they’ll be some changes in The Flash since season six will see the show adapt the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics storyline.

    This will be part of The CW’s comic book TV shows crossover event next year.

    The shows will also change showrunners, so fans should prepare for significant changes in The Flash’s future.

    Moreover, The CW doesn’t tend to fret too much about its live ratings since they place more importance on their streaming numbers and online fan engagement.

    These are areas in which The Flash has been very successful.

    Therefore, it does seem as though there are a few seasons of The Flash left before they call it a day on this iteration of the comic book superhero.

    For the meantime, Team Flash is going to have to figure out how to beat this new Cicada, who’s turned out to be Orlin Dwyer’s (Chris Klein) niece Grace from the future.

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