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Nowadays, 97% of Nigerian songs have no meaning –OAP and actress “Lolo1”

Having taken a careful look at the way Nigerian artistes of nowadays go about the music game, OAP and actress, Lolo1 concluded that 97percent of Nigerian artistes sing trash, unlike the singers of the olden days.

According to her, the likes of Obey, Barrister, Sunny Ade, and Fela Kuti did songs that had depth. She especially applauded Fela, saying he created a positive impact using music. In an interview with Hip TV, the super OAP said:

“I’m not sure if they’re passing any message because if you are looking at the content of music, what will you say you’re buying? It’s not that everybody talks crap but 97% of it has no meaning. ‘Bangdadadang’, what does that mean? ‘Skibidipapap’, doesn’t have any meaning, ‘Wo!’, it’s just play, we are just having [fun].”

“It’s not like the music of Obey, Barrister, Sunny Ade, which had depth. They had what they wanted to pass, even though we have people here in this current generation that is doing conscious music.

Fela was a great advocate. He did a lot of social impacts using his music. But in this generation, I’m not sure.”

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