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12 Bizarre Deaths That Video Games Caused

12. South Korea for Last Place

Sorry, South Korea, you're starting this list strong. In 2010, a married couple that had recently given birth to premature infant—a taboo in South Korean culture—grew hopelessly depressed.

After losing their jobs and being shunned by society, they turned to the Internet for succor (never a good place to look for that). They would routinely spend 12 hours at a stretch a local Internet cafe playing an online Sim called Prius Online.

The bizarre bit was that they were actually raising a virtual baby online. Investing so much time in their digital offspring, the parents completely forgot about their actual, living baby that it eventually died from prolonged malnutrition. Bizarre, creepy, and just plain F-ed up. We're gonna go call our parents and maybe have some ice cream.

11. Take a Break

This one definitely counts as bizarre, but it's creepier than that, in an Unsolved Mysteries sort of way. In 2007, a Chinese man played an unknown online game for three days straight at an Internet cafe. That's 72 hours of consecutive gaming. We don't think we've ever done anything for 72 hours straight—and we've eaten MDMA at Burning Man.

After three days, the man dropped dead from exhaustion.

What was he playing? Did he know he was going to die? Was he actually a phantom that never really existed in the first place and just came to this plane of reality to teach us all a lesson about human kindness? We have no idea, and we never will.

10. Teenager Can't Deal

Another case that has less to do with being hamstrung by addiction and more to do with being damaged goods and having easy access to firearms. In 2007, seventeen-year-old Daniel Petric couldn't deal with getting his copy of Halo 3 taken away, and instead of just sucking it up and being miserable like all 17-year-olds, he lost his goddamn mind.

Unlocking the family's gun safe and removing its 9mm pistol, Petric returned to his parents' bedroom and told them to close their eyes because he had a surprise for them.

He fired and hit both in the head. His father survived, but his mother sadly died for his idiocy.

9. Real Life GTA

This one has less to do with ignorance or obsession, and more to do with just being a plain ol crazy fu*k. Devin Moore directly cited his infatuation with Grand Theft Auto and said that he had lost the ability to distinguish reality from the virtual world.

In 2003, Moore jacked a cop car, got his hands on a gun, and open fired on the officers in pursuit, mortally wounding three of them.

When finally apprehended, Moore offered these words as justification for his crimes, "Life's like a video game. You've got to die sometime." Like we said, just plain crazy.

8. Blizzard Claims Another

In August of 2005, Lee Seung Seop, a South Korean boiler repairman, decided to say fu*k it and throw in the towel on life. Developing an addiction to Blizzard's StarCraft Seop quit his job and told his responsibilities to get bent.

He holed up in a dingy Internet cafe and began a 50 hour session that would prove fatal.

After suffering from exhaustion and dehydration Seop collapsed from heart failure around the 40 hour mark. We know Koreans love their StarCraft but we can't think of anything worth dying from exhaustion for. All right, a few things.

7. FarmVille Fail

Farmville is fun for about 15 minutes before you realize that Facebook has tricked you into wasting more time on their site. An addiction to FarmVille would seem amusing if it weren't for the homicide involved.

In October of 2010 Alexandra Tobias was suffering from a crippling Farmville addiction, totally not a real addiction, when all of the sudden the sound of her hungry, crying baby caused her to discard any remaining shred of her humanity.

She shook her three year old son to death and is now facing 25 years in prison. We think she should've gotten more.

6. Florida Surprises No One

Darrius Johnson is just one in the long, proud tradition of bizarre and grisly sh!t to happen in Florida.

In April, 2013 he Broward County (it's fine no one knows where it is) man allegedly used an Xbox 360 console as a bludgeon to end his girlfriend's life.

The reason: because she had control of his spirit . Johnson went on to say that he needed to sacrifice her because her astrological sign in the zodiac was Taurus.

Florida, just when you think you've seen all of the heinous, horror movie plots played out in real life, it still manages to find a way to surprise you.

5. HaloKills

Chris Staniforth just had stand up; literally stand up from a seated position. Stand and stretch his legs and he'd still be with us today.

The 20 year old was famous, among his friends at least, for getting down on Halo ...for 12 hour sessions 2-3 times a week. In August of 2011, during his last campaign ever, a blood clot traveled from his legs to his lungs, killing him instantly.

Deep vein thrombosis is not to be trifled with. A non-violent end, but an end all the same.

4. Radio Wii

We all remember what is was like when the Wii first came out. People were auctioning the consoles off for triple the cost online, offering deviant sexual favors via Craigslist; it was madness.

In a bizarre death that could have been avoided as easily as finding a port-a-potty, Jennifer Strange died while waiting to win one of the coveted consoles. A local radio station in Sacramento was holding a giveaway promotion entitled 'Hold Your Wee for a Wii' , one guess what the rules of the competition were.

Strange drank over two gallons of water and refused to use the bathroom hoping to win the new Nintendo deck. What she did win was...death by water intoxication.

Which we didn't even know was an actual thing. If you gottta go, go. The radio station was subsequently fined $16 million.

3. Berzerk

Berzerk was an early 80s Atari arade cabinet that could be found nestled anywhere between Pac-Man and Galaga .

Two men, complete strangers to one another, seperated by thousands of miles, both expired the same way: attempting to achieve the high-score on Berzerk. Jeff Dailey and Peter Burkowski both pushed the limits of gamer endurance by reaching the high-score of 16,660 points.

The most commendable bit is that they both dropped dead in the arcade immediately after entering their names in the high-score spots.

2. Chinese suicide

Look we get it, World of Warcraft is pretty engrossing.

Is it so all-consuming that you should get entranced by the idea of shedding your mortal coil and wait for your online friends in the after-life? Xiao Yi thought so.

In 2005, Yi decided to leap off a 24 story building to get a head start on that whole after-life thing.

1. Shanghai Killer

In 2004, a Chinese gamer named Zhu Caoyuan was stabbed to death by fellow gamer Qiu Chengwei. Qiu had lent Zhu a virtual sword from the game Legend of Mir III and his homey turned around and sold it in an online auction house.

Dick move, yes, but when Qiu found out he tried to file a police report, the cops told him to, understandably, piss off because the sword didn't actually exist.

Qiu stabbed Zhu once in the heart and is now behind bars in a Chinese prison sentenced to death.

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