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The most useless elder brother – fans blast Jude Okoye after he shared family photo

For a while now, Jude Okoye has been on a low key while his younger brothers, Paul and Peter Okoye have been balling on solo mode. However, he decided to put his family picture online to show off his wife and daughter.

But instead of getting the usual friendly compliments and polite remarks, he got rude feedbacks and bitter lash outs from his fans who opine that he’s falling short as an elder brother.

According to fans, the unity of P'Square is his responsibility. But instead of seeing to it that the brothers stay glued to each other, he watched them split.

Long after the split of P’Square, fans noted that Jude has done nothing to try and bring them back together. Rather, he is busy sharing family pictures and flaunting wealth he made off his younger brothers' success.

For that reason, they tagged him the “most useless elder brother.” That was a harsh one from embittered fans who wouldn’t care!
Apparently, fans miss P’Square. But the possibility of P’Square coming back together is really slim. Perhaps Jude can make that happen.

Anyway, Jude's family photo is awesome, his wife glowing and his daughter glittering

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