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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Trust Internet

Here are 10 reasons why we should stop trusting anything that the internet wants to sell to us.

So Much For Headlines

This image went viral when the photographer shared this on his social media account gaining the attention of many viewers who felt so heartbroken witnessing the sad truth of this kid's life but eventually it turns out to be a fake one.

Fairytale Castle

A castle on top of the mountain made us believe that there is a fairytale land somewhere around the world but unfortunately, this image was a mixture of two pictures

Selfie Time

This pilot had to face backlash when some posted his edited selfie on social media account where people were blaming the pilot for his carelessness until they found the truth.

Black Lion

Well, now we know we don't have to fully trust the media or the internet fakers who will try anything to gain people's emotion even by feeding lies. This black lion image gained much attention when people thought there is a real lion with this color but in reality, the photographer edited it.

Adjusting The Moon

The photographer captured the image from a certain angle that it looks like the skyscraper is adjusting the moon in order to make it look perfect.

Run For Your Life

We are now sighing in relief to know that it's just a fake image that raised a lot of confusion in our mind when we first saw this bear who was busy chasing the cyclist.

Behind The Scenes

Don't believe anything that the media tries to sell you as they know feeding lies will eventually make you believe in whatever they want to say to you. The photographers created this fake scene which looks like the bear was interrupting their shooting.

Diwali Celebration

Indian people were surprised to find this image where the NASA captured a satellite image during their Hindu festival Diwali but it seems this too was fake.


Some people really try to play with people's emotions by posting pictures that are not even related to any incidents. This image shows the man standing in a top height when the 9/11 incident happened but soon it was found out to be a fake one.

Wave Rice 2019

started with a bang when this image went viral on the internet about this guy who skillfully flipped the rice. But unfortunately, the truth came out when the original image surfaced the internet.

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