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10 Most Bizarre Wedding Traditions Practised Around The World

When a couple is bonded in a relationship, they make promises to keep. Even though there are different traditions in different places, the most important promise, above all, is, ‘promise to support each other, no matter what!’

The traditions just tag along to make the celebration more interesting.


Banging on the first wedding night

In France, banging on the first night, isnt actually what you think it is. In this tradition, family and friends assemble around the house of the newlyweds and band on the pots or pans while the couple has to serve them drinks and snacks. This is known as Charivari.

The fat Farms

Unlike other countries, Mauritian brides actually work towards putting on weight because it is believed that it is a good luck charm. There is a thing called the fat farms where they go to gain weight.

Beating the groom with a fish in Korea

Well, the South Koreans have always intrigued us by their weird customs and this one is bo only weird but Bizarre. They believe that in order to be ready for the first night the groom must be beaten with a fish and bamboo sticks.

The Blackening ritual of Scotland

This is a tradition where the family showers the couple with all the weird things while tying them to a tree. This has a message behind it, that the bride and the groom are ready to face anything that life has to throw their way.

Practicing crying for a month before the wedding

China has some weird traditions and this one is really hilarious! The Chinese brides have to cry every day for an hour for a month before their wedding and other women who are related to the bride joins in the tradition.

The Tujia people in China believe that crying is the welcoming of a good marriage.

Holding your pee together in Borneo

Imagine being in a room with your spouse without taking a dump or even pee for three long days and nights. Well, it sounds quite impossible but the couples of Tidong community in Borneo follow this tradition.

two kids required in Sudan

The tribes of Southern Sudan believe that marriage only prospers if the bride can give birth to two children. Too much to ask isn't it? Or are they just messing around with the population?

The mucous of Maasai tradition

In the Maasai tradition, the father of the bride spits on her for good luck. People believe such things in the hope of good luck. This is done before she leaves her home to live with the groom.

The Swedish kissing party

In a Swedish wedding ceremony, you should not leave your ceremony alone, because there is a custom that if a groom leaves the room all the men in the ceremony will go to kiss the bride and if she excuses herself to the bathroom, all the women in the ceremony will have to kiss the groom. Choose wisely!

The mother accompanying you to your honeymoon night

In Africa, the newlyweds are accompanied by the bride's mother so that she can educate them on how to spend their first night. It is quite weird that they do so. This should be a private affair!