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Some dating mistakes too many women make

There may be no hard and fast rules about the dos and don'ts of relationships but there are certain mistakes that you should definitely not make because they make your love life nothing to write home about.
This is why I have put together this list, to help you crawl out of the cycle of bad relationships by showing you mistakes you have been making.

1. Letting your life revolve around him
It helps when your man knows that you have other things going for you. It inspires his respect.

2. Letting third parties in
It is understandable that you get so upset and just want to whine to your girlfriends but that does not mean you should go tattling each time something happens in your relationship.

That just gives them the right to meddle. More so, no man wants his business in the streets.

3. Comparing
It does no good to compare your man with others. It erodes his self-esteem and leaves you consistently unhappy.

4. Ignoring red flags
Inasmuch as you should be accommodating, don't become a doormat and refuse to acknowledge when he is taking advantage of you or the relationship is toxic.

5. Never discussing money
Money is a very important aspect of life so you should not sweep it under the rug. If you are dating someone then your stand about money should be clear.

Ultimately, with what I have shared, you can watch out for pitfalls that many other women fall into. It may be difficult to say if you have been making these mistakes but you could ask your friends for their honest opinion.

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