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6 terrible questions you should never ask on a first date

One of the things many people dread about first dates is that there will be silence so they do their best to fill it up. In the end, their desperate attempts do more harm than good.

More so, there are certain things that you assume are okay but may be generally unacceptable. Read on to avoid falling into any of these pitfalls.

1. How much do you earn? Even if you are asking for purely learning purposes, this is a line you should absolutely not cross. It is rude and will make him uncomfortable.

2. When we get married. . . Do NOT say anything that alludes to you two getting married. You are practically strangers to each other. It doesn't matter if you have been around each other for a while.

3. Can I come with a friend? You have not begun the date yet but you have messed it up. I don't even get why girls do this in Nigeria. It makes no sense. If you don't feel safe with him then you should simply refuse to go on a date or meet in a public place.

4. Anything related to sex Even if you are very open-minded about sex, he may not be. Don't say anything on the subject as that would be too forward.

5. Do you like me? Yes, you want to know if there is a future but asking this outrightly makes you look desperate. Besides, it is not a test where you get scores.

6. Can I borrow some money? According to the Nigerian parlance, this one off me, I have heard stories like this so I know it happens. Girl, have some dignity!

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